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Reminder: Reading/signing at Oblong Books in Rhinebeck SUNDAY!

August 12, 2011

If you’ve been dying to hear me read from family, and/or to get out of the city for a lovely summer day trip to the Hudson Valley, now’s your chance to kill two birds with one stone! (Proverbially. I’d prefer no bird-killing.)

I’ll be presenting alongside the gorgeous and talented Nova Ren Suma, whose book, Imaginary Girls, is a must-read for summer.

We’ll be at Oblong Books and Music, at 4pm. Details here.

Hope to see you!

Top Shelf Tuesday BONUS: CELL PHONE Cover Story & Trailer!

June 28, 2011

Dying to know more about the making of the adorable Cell Phone book cover? Check out Melissa Walker’s Cover Story, as featured on the B&N Unabashedly Bookish blog! Is it rude to quote myself in providing you with a snippet? Too bad, I’m going to anyway:

I could tell instantly that [my publisher and I] were on the same page in terms of the general tone we were aiming for. I said as much to my editor and agent, both of whom agreed. So I was excited that we were heading in the direction I’d hoped for, and I was looking forward to seeing the finished product.

And in other news, I’m finally able to premiere the book’s very delightful, most officialicious TRAILER! Have a gander, why don’t you?



Blog tour bonanza!

May 25, 2011

So sorry for the very last minute-ness of this, folks, but the details for this blog tour were only verrrry recently confirmed. That said, The (Teen) Book Scene has been lovely enough to organize two weeks of interviews and other silliness with yours truly, kicking off this past Monday. Here are the dates and links for your reading pleasure:

Monday, May 23: Erika at Moonlight Book Reviews (Author Interview)
Tuesday, May 24: Serena at Pensive Bookeaters (Tens List)
Wednesday, May 25: Zoe at Zoe’s Book Reviews (Guest Post)
Thursday, May 26: Kari at A Good Addiction (This or That List)
Friday, May 27: Lindsay at Just Another Book Addict (Cover Post)

Monday, May 30: Kelsey at The Book Scout (Author Interview)
Tuesday, May 31: Corrine at Lost for Words (Character This or That List)
Wednesday, June 1: Julie at Reel Swell (Guest Post)
Thursday, June 2: Alisia at Alisia Leavitt (Tens List)
Friday, June 3: Val at Truth Be Told (Into the Past)

Friday Freebies: Fair warning…(yeah, it’s still all about me.)

April 22, 2011

As mentioned, this blog is a placeholder for my shiny new website, currently undergoing its facelift. Thanks to those of you who’ve indulged me by hanging around this joint as I count down to the “family” release.

The good news is, THE RELEASE IS NEXT WEEK!

Oh, my goodness CAN YOU EVEN?

I, for one, cannot. Seriously.

Still on the horizon, in case you managed to miss it,

*a reading and signing with the Contemps up in Larchmont, NY, 4/29

*an appearance at BEA on 5/26

*a feature on

*a feature on

*various still-being-finalized blog interviews COMING SOON TO A WEBSITE NEAR YOU!

…And other things I might be forgetting in all of the excitement.

So in addition to all of the above hoopla, next week should ALSO bring the unveiling of the new site. Still at this address so you don’t even have to go out of your way to find me. See what I did there? Who’s looking out for you?

Happy weekend, readers!

Readers’ Roundup SPECIAL EDITION: ‘family’ matters

April 21, 2011

Yes, people, the book releases officially on Tuesday, 4/26, so today, it’s all about me. Deal with it.

*Dying to read family? Pre-order your copy now!

*Want a chance to meet yours truly and get a copy of the book all signed and pretty? Come see me at BEA, Thursday, 5/26, 12;12:30, table 5.

*Want to read an amazing review of the book via librarian Liz Burns? Here you go! Sorry to be all braggy-pants, but I can’t help but post a snippet. I don’t think anyone has ever said such nice things about my writing in my life!

Because the language is deceptively simple. Because phrases haunt me. Because I want, so desperately, for Mel to find herself. Because I found sympathy for the most unsympathetic actions. Family is a Favorite Book Read in 2011.

*And one from VOYA:

Ellen Hopkins fans will appreciate the use of verse to tell the gruesome story. Those who know the details of the Manson murders, particularly those who have delved into Helter Skelter by Vincent Bugliosi (Norton, 2001), will quickly notice the similarities between real life and fiction here….[A]n interesting psychological study of cults and the lost souls they attract.

*And finally, what better birthday present than a night of reading, signing, and schmoozing with other awesome Contemps? April 29th, The Voracious Reader, Larchmont, NY. Come for the authors, stay for the free pizza!

I think that’s about it, for now. Next week will probably be equally self-promotional and gross, what with the book releasing and all, but, y’know. Hopefully it’s understandable.

Hope you can make it out to an event or five!