Ladies and Gentleman,

Boys and girls!

Introducing the twirliest,

the  sparkliest,

the one-and-only-est

Louise Trapeze*!

*That’s me, Louise.


For anyone who’s ever asked, "Are we there yet?" It’s Crazy Games: Ultimate Travel Games—the ultimate travel package! Inside, find a reversible game board for checkers, chess, and backgammon, as well as dice, playing pieces, and instructions for these games and more. Read up on your favorite board games, and then get set to play anywhere, anytime. Chinese checkers, bingo, mancala, tic-tac-toe, and other games—all in one portable package!

With the familiar faces of Dick and Jane, this little book is a perfectly cheeky take on manners for the modern day. It's a step-bystep guide to politeness in everyday life, including everything from table manners to tidying up after oneself. For example, the book reminds readers that your mother (who likely works fifty hours a week) is not your maid, so you should always rinse your dishes and put them away in the dishwasher. This witty little book is great for growing children or teenagers--or even adults--and will help remind us all to mind our manners.


All Emperor penguins can sing, except Mumble--the little penguin who loves to dance . Don't miss the story of his journey to find his place in the world . This junior novelization is the perfect book for fans who want to experience the humor and heart-warming message of Happy Feet again and again . And with an 8-page full-color glossy insert featuring art from this visually stunning movie, this book will have readers dancing for joy.